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News 10-30-18

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Subject: Eniva HP Weekly Update 10-30-18

Let me open up this week’s update with a big “HELLO!” to the many people who have been added to this list this week…

If this is your first time receiving this newsletter it’s because we’ve finally got our new CRM software (Infusionsoft) up and running...which is going to be awesome for communication with you! :-)

Now, I’ve got two things to cover in this week’s update:

  1. Who the heck am I? You can skip that if you already know.
  2. What’s in store for you for November?

Who am I?

My wife Janell and I have been avid customers of Eniva nutraceuticals since 2009 (thanks to a personal success story with Flex) and we’ve been retailing it in our personal training studio, The Transformation Club, since January 2016.

To say, “Eniva was a hit at The Club” would be another HUGE understatement!

Over the past 2.5 years, we’ve averaged over 10k in retail sales. Eniva has been a wonderful addition for our clients, as well as an outstanding profit center for us. :-)

I can also say with 100% truth and confidence that we’ve only unsurfaced the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our potential for reach - helping more clients and increasing sales.

And, now I want to help you do the same…

As business owners, we’re all very busy and have to wear a lot of hats. I can clearly remember when it was just me, myself, and I running the business...doing EVERYTHING!

Marketing and selling a nutritional supplement, no matter how amazing, is very difficult when you have so many plates spinning.

Even with a full-blown staff positioning you to focus on your unique ability in the business, adding a retail line has its challenges...especially if marketing that retail line doesn’t fall into your unique ability!

Developing marketing strategies and creating marketing resources is something I really enjoy. :-)

For this reason, over the last couple years, I’ve actually greatly reduced the number of hours that I train clients (by hiring other qualified trainers) so that I could focus on marketing my business...

It is, without question, the reason for our success as a personal training studio, and it is most certainly the reason for our success with retailing Eniva. Plus, I love playing in this role!

Now, in my role with Eniva, I’m going to share those marketing strategies and resources with our Health Partners (HPs) - YOU!

Each month I will provide you with a “done-for-you” marketing kit featuring articles, newsletters, posters, and social media posts to promote the specials for that month.

I created a shared Google Drive Folder that will house the marketing resources and some other training tools. To access that folder CLICK HERE or visit I will add new content each month.
The November Marketing Calendar is also loaded on this website under MONTHLY CALENDAR > CLICK HERE.

NOTE: You have SHARE access to this folder and everything inside it. To access those files for editing, you will need to make a copy of each file and then move it your own storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.). PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COPY IN THE SHARED DRIVE.

We will also be hosting all of these resources on the HP-specific Eniva Website (where you place your orders) as well...

In addition to the marketing kit, I also want to connect with and coach you and your team. Along with that, I want to connect you with other HPs to create community and share best practices. I’ve done this with my fitness business consulting clients and it works beautifully!

In fact, please take a moment right now to request access to our Private Eniva Health Mastermind Group on Facebook => CLICK HERE or visit

I’m excited and honored to be working with you!

What’s in store for you in NOVEMBER?

The November Marketing Calendar is loaded in the Google Drive – as well as on this website under MONTHLY CALENDAR > CLICK HERE.

You’ll see the specials are:

  • Pack of the Month = Blood Sugar Health. You may notice that we trimmed this pack down a bit to get it to a lower, more attractive price point.
  • Early Bird Special = Natural Sleep.
  • Mid-Month Special = Digestive Enzymes

I’m also excited to announce our Holiday Gift Giving special…

Buy 3 Cooking Oils and Get 1 Free. All will come with little Santa hats. :-)

This has been a big seller for Eniva in the past - people take advantage of the special to stock up and give out bottles to various friends and family members for Christmas.

You will see the same Buy 3 Get 1 Free as a cart level discount on the HP Ordering Site by November 1st.

This is definitely a special you can have some fun with!!

That’s it for this week.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to support your success. :-)

– Justin Yule

News 9.25.18

Subject: Eniva HP Weekly Update 09-25-18 Hello! It’s amazing that we’re wrapping up September this week… Not to be cliche, but where did the time go! Temps are dropping here in MN already, but the sales are UP!I’m thrilled to report that we hit our goal of 50 kits this month...and there’s still a few days left. [...]

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