Wellness and Wellbeing – they are a birthright.

This principle is at the core of our beliefs.

All of us were designed to be healthy and despite what we may have been told or experienced, each of us has access to the tools than can promote our own wellness lifestyles and wellbeing outcomes.

Wellness. A big word that encompasses the physical aspects of our existence – how well our organs function, how our body systems perform, how sustained our energy levels are.

Wellbeing. It’s the emotional and spiritual side of health. It speaks to our overall balance, our outlook, the ability to be resilient and how we connect on a higher level.

Eniva encourages wellness and wellbeing.

Our goal is to empower people to experience the vibrant life that can be theirs.det-girl-field.jpg

We are Committed to:

• Providing products and experiences that foster health, balance and well-being.

• Delivering safe, effective and relevant health outcomes.

• Using education, information and innovation to enlighten people.

• Supporting a community of wellness-minded individuals who desire authenticity and trustworthiness.

• Serving our customers with respect, care, and excellence.

• Encouraging dialogue and feedback with our stakeholders

• Transforming the wellness experience to be holistic and harmonious, logical and practical.

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Wellness by its very nature is abundant... there is always enough for anyone who seeks it. 

Claim your own birthright … experience wellness, enjoy wellbeing.