Animal Omega-3 Complete (60 caps)


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det-dog-cat-horse.jpgEniva Animal Omega-3 Complete™

A specialized nutritional supplement providing your pet with a potent formulation of the most scientifically researched Omega-3 essential fatty acids.
This Omega-3 profile has been safety tested and provides increased benefits for performance.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid Benefits:

• Promotes healthy coat, skin and joints
• Supports healthy heart and blood vessels
• Supports mental focus and scenting
• Promotes healthy temperament
• Guaranteed purity

100% Natural Fish Oil Sources  |  High-potency DHA and EPA  |  Professional Formula

Guaranteed Testing:

• No pesticides
• No herbicides
• No heavy metals – No mercury
• No Stimulants, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors

EFAs – “the good fats” for vibrant health and performance!



• It's important to know who and where your products come from!
• Made in Minnesota.
• Eniva products are USA produced.
• We manufacture onsite at our own certified manufacturing facility in Minnesota.
• For nearly 25 years, we’ve been delivering premium quality supplements to millions of people.


• We care about your experience.
• If a customer is not pleased with any product purchase, we will offer a refund or exchange.
• All products are refundable/exchangeable within 30 days of purchase.
• We are committed to providing outstanding customer care for you.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Your dog deserves the best: Professional EPA & DHA Omega-3 Formula (60 caps). This is the professional difference we guarantee over 1000mg of actual EPA and DHA in each serving. Compare to other brands, we offer 50% - 100% MORE EPA and DHA, not the crude filler oils. Don't be fooled by misleading labels. Our formula means more real EPA & DHA health benefits for your pets!
  • Professionally recommended: Professionally endorsed and used by National Trainers and Champions. Used by USA Military Canine Units for top performance and health.
  • Maximum health + wellness: Eniva Animal Health Omega-3 Complete supports joint, skin, coat, eye, heart, immune, brain and scenting health. It is an excellent source of important omega-3 fatty acids, including premium amounts of vital EPA and DHA.
  • Outstanding purity: Tested for over 300 different contaminants. Eniva Animal Health Omega-3 Complete is 100% guaranteed safe from heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. This product is fully-refined for outstanding purity, not a partial or semi-refined product like most on the market. Your pet will thank you for the purity!
  • Wild caught and environmentally friendly: Sourced from wild-caught, omega-rich Mackerel, Anchovy and Sardines. Freshest catch and cleanest waters. Sourced in a way that fully protects the oceans fragile ecosystem. Friends of the Sea certified sourcing.

Ingredients: Derived from Mackerel, Anchovy and Sardine.

Directions: For daily use, refer to dosage chart below.
Note: Dosage can be increased with the advice of your veterinarian.
For easy application, dose may be added to food or water.


Storage Directions: STORE IN A COOL DRY PLACE. Best if refrigerated for potency.


Caution: Do not consume if tamper resistant seal is broken or missing. KEEP CAP TIGHTLY CLOSED. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND ANIMALS TO AVOID UNINTENDED CONSUMPTION. In case of accidental overdose, contact your veterinarian immediately.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.